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Lucyk Building movers was founded by Garnet Lucyk in 1976. With 2 employees and a 1976 Fargo 3 ton trucks, a set of new steel beams, and a homemade pair of Dolly's. We got our first job moving a barn in Milestone. Since 1976, we have evolved 4 employees and 4 Mack trucks, 3 3/4 ton trucks, 2 bobcats, 2 cranes (30,000 LBS), 1 ton truck, approx. 50 sets of beams - ranging from (6 x 6 x 25) to (18 x 24 x 125) extending up to 145 feet or more, 20 ton block trailer, hydraulic system with approximately 50 jacks, 4 pairs of hydraulic steering dollies.

International Building Movers Association awarded us with the longest move of 800 miles, and also the most unusual move for moving Mac the Moose in Moose jaw Saskatchewan.

We are longtime members of the International Building Movers Association, and of the Saskatchewan Building movers Association.

As of 2005 we have moved over 2000 houses, 800 hopper cars, 500 barns and shops.

We have moved all shapes and sizes including a moose. Anything that could be moved we probably moved it. I got my big break in 1985, when I started moving hopper cars, by the time 1992 rolled around I had moved approximately 800 cars to various locations in Saskatchewan. Then in 1987, I moved a golf course building for the city of Regina, which was 55 ft. wide by 64 ft. long and 30 ft. high. We stayed busy between the years 84 to 2000, then in 2000 we moved a house built by Westrum in Rouleau, to the middle of Wyoming, approximately 800 miles away. It took us four days to move it and put it on the foundation. When 2002 rolled around we were contracted to move two Belhen grain bins into the Crete area. We also moved a workshop (64 ft. long and 32 ft. high) for Luscar mines. The Sand Lake Huterite colony in Val Marie contracted us to move a suite house from Val Marie to the colony in Leader which was 250 miles away. This building was 44 ft. wide by 134 ft. long and weighed 250,000 lbs, its overall permit length was 175 ft. long. We moved a rink that was 46 ft. wide and 140 ft. long from Parry to North of Weyburn to a farm. The total length of this rink is 180 ft. long. We have had some very interesting moves, in 2004, we moved "Mac the Moose" in Moose jaw. We moved Mac to his new home a few miles down the road.

  • 1984 - Moved a plastic mold injection machine from Ipsco, which weighed 160 tons
  • 1986 - Moved our 1st house with a wood basement underneath it. As of 2004 we moved 142 houses with wood basements
  • 1992 - purchased present day shop (Southside of Milestone)
  • 1988 - Moved two and half storey house from farm to Bienfait, it was 40 ft. wide by 73 ft. long.
  • 1981 - Small grain elevator at Eston from farm to new foundation a half mile away.
  • 1983 - Moved hip roof barn, Ontario style framing, it was 50 ft. wide by 96 ft. long and 52 ft. high.
  • 1996 - from Coronach to Viceroy we moved a Zipper lock building which was 51 ft. wide by 102 ft. long.
  • 1998 - Moved historic house from south of Weyburn to Estevan, it was 44 ft. wide by 55 ft. long and a full two and half storey house. It was the Raspeson House.
  • 1997 - Moved house with basement and pool from Parry to Linsden. 64 ft. long and 68 ft. wide.
  • 1995 - Moved co-op building out of Assiniboia to Mossbank, 76 ft. wide by 86 ft. long.
  • 2000 - Moved Creekside Pub in Regina 44 ft. wide by 104 ft. long and weighed 450,000 lbs.
  • 2002 - Moved Belhen grain bins into Craik area, 40 ft. wide by 75 ft. long.
  • 2004 - Moved Skating rink from Parry to Weyburn, 48 ft. wide by 140 ft. long.